Saturday, July 1, 2017

Theme : 1st issues : 08b Colombia (Dept. Bolivar)

Between 1863 and 1904, the 9 states and the 3 territories have issued their own stamps. From 1904 on, all stamps are issued under 'Colombia'.
State of Bolívar - Colombia
For the state Bolívar (North Colombia), Michel mentions 73 issues.
Here the first issue of 1863 is truely a very special issue.
Colombia - state Bolívar 1863
The green version is nr. 1 - nr 2 is a 10 cents red and nr 3 is a 1 peso red.
When we have a closer look underneath the coat of arms, we see 6 stars. This indicates the cheapest (?) version of the stamp. The same stamp with 5 stars only, quadruples the catalogue value!

6 stars under the CoA - Michel 1 I
The stamp of 10 cents, measures 6 x 8 mm only and exist even cut into 2 on letters (used as 5 cents).
This makes this stamp... the smallest stamp in the world (known 2017).

Certificate of authenticity - 1974
With a catalogue value of € 750, this stamp of less then 1 cm² ... is, compared to its size, more valuable than gold.


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